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Coltelli P., Barsanti L., Evangelista V., Frassanito A. M., Gualtieri P. Time as the fifth dimension in microscopy. Valtere Evangelista, Laura Barsanti, Vincenzo Passarelli, Paolo Gualtieri (eds.). Amsterdam: Springer, 2005.
This paper describes an image processing system, suitable for real time image understanding and the analysis of moving objects under the optical microscope, such as microorganisms orienting toward a source of light. The system consists of an optical microscope, a desktop computer, a commercially available image-processing hardware module plugged in the computer bus, a b/w TV-camera, video monitors, and special software developed for the use. The structure and the capability of this system are explained.
Subject Real Time Image Processing
Detection of Moving Objects
Motion Interpretation
I.4.6 Segmentation
I.4.7 Feature Measurement

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