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Carrez C., Fantechi A., Najm E. Assembling components with behavioural contracts = Assemblage de composants selon des contrats comportementaux. In: Annales des Telecommunications = Annals of Telecommunications, vol. 60 (7-8) pp. 989 - 1022. GET - Lavoisier - Paris, 2005.
Component based design is a new paradigm to build distributed systems and applications. The problem of compositional verification of such systems is however still open. We investigate methods and concepts for the provision of 'sound' assemblies. We define a behavioural interface type language endowed with a (decidable) set of interface compatibilty and subtyping rules. We define an abstract, dynamic, multi-threaded, component model, encompassing both client/server and peer to peer communication patterns. Based on the notion of compliance of components to their interfaces, we define the concepts of 'contract' and 'contract satisfaction'. This leads to sound assemblies of components, which possess interesting properties, such as 'external deadlockfreeness' and 'message consumption'.
Subject Behavioural typing
Components peer-to-peer
D.2.4 Software/Program Verification
D.2.11 Software Architectures

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