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Evans B., Werner M., Lutz E., Bousquet M., Corazza G. E., Sheriff R., Maral G., Rumeau R., Ferro E. Integration of satellite and terrestrial systems in future multimedia communications. In: Ieee Wireless Communications, vol. 12 (No. 5) pp. 72 - 80. IEEE Communications Society, 2005.
In this paper we examine the role of satellite communications in future telecommunication networks and service provision. Lessons from the past indicate that satellites are successful as a result of their wide area coverage or speed to market for new services. Niche areas such as coverage of air and sea will persist but landmasses convergence of fixed, mobile and broadcasting will dictate that the only way forward the satellites is in integrated format with terrestrial systems. We outline future ways forward for satellites and discuss the research challenges and technology advances needed to facilitate this integrated approach.
Subject Integration
Future vision
A.0 General Literature

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