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Polini A., Bertolino A. A User Oriented Framework for Component Deployment Testing. Published in: Testing Commercial-off-the-shelf Components and Systems, pp. 169-194. (ISBN: 3-540-21871-8). Sami Beyeda, Volker Gruhn (Eds.). Springer, 2004 The document has been submitted to other: to appear in, Technical report, 2004.
In this chapter we presented a framework for the easier and efficient execution of test cases in a component based environment. The framework is meant to give a partial answer to the need of new techniques for test derivation and execution since the traditional ones have been recognized as inadequate. In particular the main intention of the framework is to provide a simple mechanism for the execution of test cases derived by the component user on the basis of the system architecture specification, to validate the choice of possible candidate components. We intend to release shortly, for free download, a beta version of the framework implementing the illustrated functionality. We verified our ideas on a simple case study that has been used in this chapter to present how a generic component user can take advantage from the usage of the framework. In the next future we will further investigate the advantages that the use of the framework can bring, and develop add-on tools to aid the user of the framework.
Subject Software Engineering
Software testing
D.2.5 Testing and Debugging

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