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De S., Caruso A., Chaira T., Chessa S. Bounds on Hop Distance in Greedy Routing Approach in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks. The document has been submitted to Conference:, Technical report, 2004.
Wireless ad hoc networks are characterized by random location of nodes, and the routes are generally multihop. A quantitative understanding of the relation between source-to-destination Euclidean distance and the hop count could provide us the knowledge about important network parameters such as granularity of localization, traffic load, end-to-end delay, delay jitter, and transmit power consumption. In this paper, we present an analytic approach to evaluate the average and bounds on hop count for a given source-to-destination Euclidean distance in greedy routing approach in wireless ad hoc networks. We also show that from the distribution characteristic of per-hop progress, the bounds on Euclidean distance from a given hop count can be obtained numerically. Our analytic and numerical results are verified by discrete event network simulations.
Subject Ad hoc networks
Sensor networks
Greedy routing
C.2 Computer.Communication Networks

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