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Caruso A., Chessa S., De S., Urpi A. GPS Free Coordinate Assignment and Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks. The document has been submitted to Conference: Infocom 2005, Technical report, 2004.
In this paper we consider the problem of constructing a coordinate system in a sensor network where location information is not available. To this purpose we introduce the Virtual Coordinate assignment protocol (VCap) which defines a virtual coordinate system based on hop distances. As compared to other approaches, VCap is simple and have very little requirements in terms of communication and memory overheads. We compare by simulations the performances of greedy routing using our virtual coordinate system with the one using the physical coordinates. Results show that the virtual coordinate system can be used to efficently support geographic routing.
Subject Wireless Sensor Networks
Virtual coordinates
Hop based greedy routing
C.2 Computer.Communication Networks

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