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Di Giandomenico F., Lollini P., Bondavalli A., Grandoni F., Hourdakis M., Gkroustiotis E., Nikitopoulos D., Papaoulakis N., Elefsiniotis G., Kyriazakos S. A., Nousiainen S., Kordybach K., Mpartzos D., Mura I., Moreno O., Syrenius J. M., Dimopoulos E., Clarkson A., Umbert A. CAUTION++ - Implementation report. Capacity and network management platform for increased utilization of wireless telecommunication systems of next generation ++. Deliverable D-4.5, 2004.
This document is produced under the framework of activities of WP4 (System Implementation) and it is a low-level system implementation report. It contains all useful information about the system design and implementation and can be used as a reference manual for the participants of the project to perform system verification, validation, as well as extensions and modifications in the future. During the implementation phase of the project, partners were given detailed guidelines about programming, naming, debugging, and documentation. This deliverable is an overview of these guidelines and in addition contains useful information for all CAUTION++ components. The system implementation report can also be seen as an extension of the system specifications produced in the previous months.
Subject Implementation report
Low-level system design

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