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Alby F., Alwes D., Anselmo L. European code of conduct for space debris mitigation. European Standard for Space Debris Mitigation, Issue 1.0. Prepared by the European Debris Mitigation Standards Working Group(including L. Anselmo). Document n. /cnr.isti/2004-B5-26, 2004.
Towards the end of the third decade of the space age, it became apparent that a new particulate environment was beginning to dominate the background meteoroid environment in all but the millimetre size regime. This man-made, orbital debris population was growing rapidly, the direct consequence of launching and operating space systems during the previous 3 decades. Man-made orbital debris poses a significantly increased collision hazard to man-made satellites, and as we become more dependent upon space-based systems for remote sensing, communications and navigation, it is important to understand the nature of the threat and the steps that we must take to ensure the sustainable development of near Earth space. The European Code of Conduct for Space Debris Mitigation has been developed co-operatively amongst responsible space agencies in Europe to identify those practices which will serve to minimise the impact of space operations on the orbital environment that will be encountered by future space systems. The measures in this document are defined in terms of what must be accomplished, rather than in terms of how to organise and perform the necessary work. This allows existing organisational structures and methods to be applied where they are effective, and for the structures and methods to evolve as necessary. Coherence of the application of this Code of Conduct should be guaranteed by co-ordination, at least annually, of those persons responsible for space debris issues at agency level. The following persons have contributed to the edition of this Code of Conduct: MM. Anselmo, Portelli (ASI), Crowther, Tremayne-Smith (BNSC), Alby, Baccini, Bonnal (CNES), Alwes (DLR), Flury, Jehn, Klinkrad (ESA).
Subject Space Debris
European Standard
J.2 Physical Sciences and Engineering

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