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Signore O. W3C Technologies as a key for interoperability. In: Web Enabling Technologies & Strategies for Scientific e-Learning - ICTP (Trieste, Italy, 14-23 April 2004) (Trieste, Italia, 14-23-4 2004).
In the present application environment, facing the fully decentralized nature of the web, interoperability is both a key success factor and quality issue. .The family of XML technologies is playing a significant role in the present Web. A coherent usage of XML technologies leads to implementation of applications showing significant accessibility, portability and flexibility levels, with reduced costs. In addition, coherence with basic Web principles and World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) long term goals guarantees evolution of applications towards the ambitious Semantic Web objective. In this paper we will discuss the technological and semantic interoperability, showing how W3C technologies can help to implement effective, cost saving applications, and will support the evolution from cross applications interoperability towards a web of meaning
Subject The computer industry. Standards
Social issues. Handicapped persons/special needs

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