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Signore O., Marucci L., Leporini B. Accessibilità dei siti web: principi, contesto internazionale e normativa italiana. In: CMG Italia, Conferenza annuale (Pisa, 19-21 maggio 2004). Atti, 2004.
Universal access is a key principle for the web,however, it is sometimes inaccessible, as can present barriers to people with different kinds of disabilities. Designing for accessibility is a real quality issue, granting access to information to people having different cultures, traditions, facilities. We present a general description of accessibility issues and international context. We also discuss the basic principles adopted in defining the Italian technical rules, and present some examples of best practices.
Subject Web technologies
Accessibility and Usability
K.1 The Computer Industry. Standards
K.4.2 Social issues. Handicapped persons/special needs

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