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Signore O., Andreini M., Lucchesi C., Martelli S. Querying structured XML document collections. In: SEBD 2004 - Dodicesimo Convegno Nazionale su Sistemi Evoluti per (S.Margherita di Pula (Cagliari), 21-23 Giugno, 2004). Atti, pp. p.302 - 313. 2004.
The number of XML document collections is increasing, and it's important to effectively query them. Document semantics is in both the text and the structure. In this paper we describe a query interface towards XML document collections. The interface is automatically tailored to the document structure, as described by its XML Schema. External schema annotation in RDF contains information used to dynamically build the interface adapted to user's characteristics and support her/him in formulating semantically correct queries. The architecture is fully compliant with web standards and design principles. Queries are prepared in an intermediate format that can be translated into different search engines. In preparing the query, the user can have access to ontologies or linguistic resources via web services.
URL: http://www.w3c.it/talks/sebd2004/
Subject Web technologies
Query interface
Digital Libraries
H.5.2 User Interfaces
H.3.3 Information Search and Retrieval
H.3.7 Digital Libraries
D.2.12 Interoperability
I.2.4 Knowledge representation formalisms and methods

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