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Della Maggiore R., Maio S., Nuvolone D., Fresco R., Baldacci S., Martini F., Borbotti M., Angino A., Viegi G. Supporto GIS alla classificazione dei soggetti nelle indagini epidemiologiche. In: Conferenza Nazionale ASITA (Rome, 14-17 December 2004). Atti, vol. Vol. II pp. 991 - 996. ASITA (ed.). ASITA, 2004.
In the year 2001 CNR has worked 'Ospedaletto project' with the aim to asses the environmental and health status of the people living in south-est area of Pisa, near a waste incinerator. During the epidemiological investigation, the subjects were classified on the basis of the houses distance from the waste incinerator. The health status wasn't certainly linked with the past activity of the waste incinerator, so we classified again the subjects with the aim to analyze a possible joint between health status and traffic air pollution. The new classification of the 1408 subjects is based on the houses distances from the streets and we choosed buffer of 100 metres from the secondary roads and 75 and 150 metres from the major roads. The statistical analyses suggest significant relations between living near major roads and the increase of respiratory symptoms.
URL: http://www.asita.it/8/Pdf/0404.pdf
Subject GIS and Health
Exposure Assessment
Air Pollution
K.4.1 Public Policy Issues

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