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Fresco R., Della Maggiore R., Signore O. Ontologie per l'informazione geografica. In: Conferenza Nazionale ASITA (Rome, 14-17 December 2004). Atti, vol. Vol. II pp. 1099 - 1104. ASITA (ed.). ASITA, 2004.
In the diffusion of Geographic Information by WebGIS systems, the role of integration for heterogeneous information has been long recognized. This one influences the work environments where the loss of interoperability and the redundancy of information in software systems possibly produce unreliability and loss of detail in data. It happens that different offices in a municipality use different proprietary software systems, each one of them using own data models and different styles to intend the same concept. This paper illustrate an approach based on Semantic Web for the solution of semantics interoperability problems. It proposes solutions for Geographic Information semantics onto Web resources and it is addressed the issue of how any standard specifications can be useful as semantics source to implement scenarios of GIS services in which the information is processable either by man or software agents.
URL: http://www.asita.it/8/Pdf/0493.pdf
Subject WebGIS
Semantic Web
Software Agents
H.3.5 Online Information Services

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