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Della Maggiore R., Nuvolone D., Fresco R., Perotto E. Metodi geostatistici per la produzione di mappe di rischio per la salute. In: Conferenza Nazionale ASITA (Rome, 14-17 December 2004). Atti, vol. Vol. II pp. 997 - 1002. ASITA (ed.). ASITA, 2004.
The 'Information Systems' Technology Centre of ISTI-CNR uses GIS technology for the management of epidemiological and environmental data, mainly about air quality topics. This work uses data from epidemiological survey based on a standardized interviewer-administered questionnaire containing information about respiratory symptoms and diseases, life style and personal habits. This study aims to apply geostatistical methods for obtainig a respiratory health risk map. Population has been classified according to the map and statistical analyses have been performed. Results show that it is better to subdivide the whole area in more omogeneous subareas.
URL: http://www.asita.it/8/Pdf/0322.pdf
Subject GIS
Health Risk Map
K.4.1 Public Policy Issues

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