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Cignoni P., Scopigno R. Making profitable use of the digital 3D model in the David's restoration. S. Bracci, F. Falletti, M. Matteini, Scopigno (eds.). Firenze: Giunti Editore, 2004.
An exciting opportunity is to introduce the use of digital 3D models in the restoration of works of art. The integration between 3D graphics and restoration represents an open research field and the David restoration project has given several starting points and guidelines for the definition and development of innovative solutions. Our work has been guided by problems and specific requests suggested by restorers. A 3D digital model can be used to support restoration in two different ways: as a tool for conducting specific investigations, or as a support medium for the archiving and integration of restoration-related information, gathered from the different studies and analysis undertaken on the work. The David restoration qualifies as an ideal testbed to experiment the integration of 3D graphics and restoration, since a complex series of scientific investigations has been planned for both before and after the restoration treatment.
Subject 3D
I.3 Computer Graphics

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