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Fabbrini F., Fusani M., Gnesi S., Lami G., Trentanni G. Early Analysis of Natural Language Requirements. In: International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering (Redondo Beach, California, USA, 19-20/08/2004 2004).
While in practice Natural Language (NL) is the most used mean for expressing requirements, there is a lack of supporting tools and techniques for the analysis of this kind of requirements. The QuARS (Quality Analyzer for Requirement Specifications) tool has been designed with the aim to automatize the analysis of NL requirements 'as they are', i.e. with no need to move towards another formalism. The tool is able to perform an evaluation of the Expressiveness of an NL requirements document and also provides support for completeness and consistency analysis.
Subject Natural Language Requirements
Quality Analysis
Software metrics
D.2.1 Requirements/Specifications

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