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Di Cesare R., Ruggieri R., Giannini S., Biagioni S. Trend evaluation and comparison of the use and value of GL in core demography and computer science journals. In: GL6 - Sixth International Conference on Grey Literature. Work on grey in progress. Presentation (New York, 6-7 December 2004).
This work aims to a) measure the impact of GL on two different scientific fields; b) describe the characteristics of GL documents cited; c) ascertain any changes in LG impact due to use of the www. Two years (1995 and 2003) were chosen as illustrative of the situation before and after the growth in the use of the www. With these aims, bibliographic references have been analysed in three journals of computer sciences included in the Journal Citation Report (JCR) Science Ed., and three journals of demography included in Journal Citation Report (JCR) - Social Science Ed..
Subject Introductory and Survey. Grey Literature

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