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Laforenza D., Baraglia R., Tonellotto N. ASSISTCONF - A Tool to Execute Assist Programs on Globus-based Grids. In: Globusworld 2004 (San Francisco, CA, USA, January 2004).
ASSISTCONF is a GUI written in Java that allows users to configure and execute an ASSIST application on Globus-based Grids. The main goals of ASSIST are allowing high-level programmability and software productivity for complex multidisciplinary applications, and performance portability across different platforms, including homogeneous parallel machines and cluster/Beowulf systems, heterogeneous clusters and network computers, and computational Grids. ASSISTCONF hides the structure of the grid used to the programmer and integrates the ASSIST RTS with the Globus middleware. ASSISTCONF main functionalities are aimed to: . select the computational resources needed to run an application, . configure an ASSIST application by setting the parallelism degree of parallel modules and the number of instances of a replicated module, . assist the user to establish a mapping of the various modules on the selected computational resources, . stage on the selected computational resources the libraries, executable modules, and input files needed to run the ASSIST application, . activate the execution of the executable modules, . transfer the output files to the user machines and delete, if required, all the files used to run the application from the machines used.
Subject Distributed Systems
C.2.4 Distributed Systems

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