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Achim A., Herranz D., Kuruoglu E. E. Astrophysical image denoising using bivariate isotropic cauchy distributions in the undecimated wavelet domain. In: ICIP (Singapore, 24-27 October 2004). Proceedings, pp. 1225 - 1228. IEEE, 2004.
Within the framework of wavelet analysis, we describe a novel technique for removing noise from astrophysical im- ages. We design a Bayesian estimator, which relies on a particular member of the family of isotropic ®-stable dis- tributions, namely the bivariate Cauchy density. Using the bivariate Cauchy model we develop a noise-removal pro- cessor that takes into account the interscale dependencies of wavelet coe±cients. We show through simulations that our proposed technique outperforms existing methods both visually and in terms of root mean squared error.
Subject Wavelet transform
Alpha-stable distributions
Bivariate models
I.4.10 Image Representation
J.2 Physical sciences and engineering. Astronomy

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