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Porcarelli S., Di Giandomenico F., Bondavalli A., Lollini P. Model-based evaluation of a radio resource management system for wireless. In: ACM Computing Frontiers 2004 (Ischia, Italy, April 14-16). Proceedings, pp. 51 - 59. ACM, 2004.
This paper focuses on dependability analysis of an interoperable platform for radio resource management and mobility support in multiple radio environments. The emphasis is on reliability and availability issues, which unavoidably need to be addressed to some extent to cope with malfunctions in such complex environment. With reference to the European project CAUTION++, which aims to build a capacity and network management platform for increased utilization of present and future wireless systems, means to help system design and verification w.r.t dependability requirements are here presented. For this purpose, we introduce and apply a modelling technique based on Petri nets in order to compare different architectural fault tolerant solutions. This evaluation is carried out in terms of the probability of correct/incorrect emission and correct/incorrect omission of a reconfiguration action decided by the CAUTION++ system.
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