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Balzani M., Callieri M., Fabbri M., Fasano A., Montani C., Pingi P., Santopuoli N., Scopigno R., Uccelli F., Varone A. Digital representation and multimodal presentation of archeological graffiti at Pompei. In: VAST 2004: The 5th International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Intelligent Cultural Heritage (Brussels, Belgium, December 7-10). Proceedings, pp. 93 - 103. Dieter W. Fellner and Stephen N. Spencer (eds.). Eurographics Association, 2004.
Graffiti is a special form of art which gives us important knowledge on culture and social life of a lost civilization. Unfortunately, they are usually engraved on soft and non durable materials. The project described here originated from the request for a new approach to the preservation, study and ubiquitous access to Pompei's graffiti. A multidisciplinary team was setup to design a new methodology to support the digital acquisition, the study and the presentation to the public of this peculiar type of Cultural Heritage. We have investigated the use of 3D scanning technologies and graphics modelling to produce accurate digital reconstructions and to enhance them for an improved readability. The specific issues have been considered and ad hoc solutions have been devised. In terms of presentation, we have provided both visual media (interactive visualization) and physical reproduction, obtained by adopting modern rapid reproduction techniques. The work described is a sort of preliminary feasibility study: we are now planning to apply this methodology on a much wider scale at Pompei.
Subject 3D scanning
I.3 Computer Graphics
I.3.3 Picture/Image Generation . Digitizing and scanning

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