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Aloia N., Concordia C., Tardelli S. Using EAI to build public access web-based information System. In: IADIS International Conferenze WWW/Internet 2004 (Madrid (Spain), 6-9 october 2004). Proceedings, vol. Vol. II pp. 1162 - 1165. Pedro Isaias and Nitya Karmarar. IADIS Press, 2004.
Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) techniques are today widely adopted to build Enterprise Information Systems. Moreover the increasing reliability of tools and techniques stemming from the 'Internet revolution' is rendering ever more convenient to base the development of new applications on Web technology, especially because of the great advantages it affords in terms of scalability and distribution. These two approaches can be used together to develop highly integrated and flexible computer systems for powerful Web-based Information Systems (WIS). In the paper we'll discuss the fundamental architectures in Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and present issues that need to be tackled in using EAI technologies for building Public Access WIS.
Subject Web-based Enterprise Systems
Web-based Information Systems
Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
H. Information Systems
D.2.12 Interoperability

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