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Straccia U. Transforming Fuzzy Description Logics into Classical Description Logics. In: European Conference of Logics in Artificial Intelligence (JELIA-05) (Lisbon, Portugal, September, 2004). Proceedings, pp. 385 - 399. José Júlio Alferes, Joăo Leite (eds.). (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 3229). Springer Verlag, 2004.
In this paper we consider Description Logics (DLs), which are logics for managing structured knowledge, with a well-known fuzzy extension to deal with vague information. While for fuzzy DLs ad-hoc, tableaux-like reasoning procedures have been given in the literature, the topic of this paper is to present a reasoning preserving transformation of fuzzy DLs into classical DLs. This has the considerable practical consequence that reasoning in fuzzy DLs is feasible using already existing DL systems.
Subject Description Logics
Fuzzy logics
I.2.4: Knowledge Representation Formalisms and Methods. Representationlanguages

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