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Batko M., Gennaro C., Zezula P. GHT*: a peer-to-peer system for metric data. In: Ercim news, vol. 59 pp. 65 - 66. GRIDS: The next generation. ERCIM, 2004.
GHT* is a scalable and distributed similarity search structure that has been specifically designed to support metric space objects. Our structure is based on the P2P communication paradigm and it is scalable in that it distributes the data over more and more independent peer computers. By exploiting parallelism in a dynamic network of computers, the query execution scales up very well considering both the number of distance computations and the hop count between the peers. Updates are performed locally and a node splitting never requires sending multiple messages to many peers.
Subject Information Search and Retrieval
Systems and Software
H.3.3 Information Search and Retrieval
H.3.4 Systems and Software

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