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Fresco R. The Geographical Information and the need of the interoperability. In: AIS SIGSEMIS Bullettin, vol. 1 (3) pp. 122 - 126. AIS, 2004.
In the diffusion of Geographic Information by Web-GIS systems, the role of integration for heterogeneous information has been long recognized. This one influences for example on the work of the Public Administration where the loss of interoperability among offices and the redundancy of information in software systems can produce unreliability and loss of detail in data. It happens that different offices in a municipality can use different proprietary software systems, each one of them using own data models and different styles to intend the same concept. Furthermore, if we consider the revolution made by the World Wide Web, we can observe how the Web has extended the need of interoperability also for Geographical information of those communities that decide to expose on the Web an increasing quantity of spatial data.But the search engines retrieves Web content for relevant keyword.The promise of Semantic Web about better retrieval methods by inserting data's semantics and using semantics during the web processing needs special development for the GI perspective that has not addressed appropriately. In this paper we illustrate an approach to the interoperability via Semantic web technologies in the field of Geographical Information.
URL: http://www.sigsemis.org/newsletter/october2004/ais_sigsemis_bulletin_vol1_issue
Subject GIS
Semantic Web
H.2.8 Database Applications
I.2.11 Distributed Artificial Intelligence
H.5.3 Group and Organization Interfaces

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