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Mancarella P., Raffaetą A., Renso C., Turini F. Integrating Knowledge Representation and Reasoning in Geographical Information Systems. In: International Journal of Geographical Information Systems, vol. 18 (4) pp. 417 - 447. Taylor and Francis, 2004.
We propose a formalism and a programming environment in which sophisticated spatio-temporal reasoning can be performed, while keeping the capabilities of manipulating and presenting large amounts of geographical data, typical of commercial Geographical Information Systems (GISs). The spatio-temporal knowledge representation language, named MuTACLP$^+$, is based on constraint logic programming and it is integrated via a middleware of commands and translation features with a commercial GIS. The paper presents the language, the architecture of the environment and a few examples of its use in the field of event planning.
Subject Spatio temporal reasoning
Declarative programming
Constraint programming
D.1.6 Logic Programming

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