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Binzel R. P., Perozzi E., Rivkin A. S., Rossi A., Harris A. W., Bus S. J., Valsecchi G. B., Slivan S. M. Dynamical and compositional assessment of near-earth object mission targets. In: Meteoritics & Planetary Science, vol. 39 (3) pp. 351 - 366. University of Arizona, 2004.
Using an H-plot analysis, we identify 234 currently known near-Earth objects that are accessible for rendezvous with a best case delta-V of less than 7 km/sec. We provide a preliminary compositional assessment of these potential targets by summarizing the taxonomic properties for 43 objects. Results for more than half (25) of this sample are based on new spectroscopic measurements presented here. This approach provides an easy-to-update method for giving guidelines to both observers and mission analysts in focusing on objects for which actual mission opportunities are more likely to be found. Observing prospects are presented for categorizing the compositional properties of the most accessible targets that are not as of yet measured.
Subject Asteroids
J.2 Physical sciences and engineering

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