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Carroll J. J., Martelli S., Signore O. XLink in XHTML to Represent RDF. Technical report, 2003.
Linking is a core common technology shared between the hypertext web and the semantic web. Extended XLinks can encode RDF graphs in the head of XHTML documents. These XLinks carry the semantic markup related to the document,typically using elements from Dublin Core. XLinks from the head into the body permit the use of the document's own displayed metadata. The use of XLink permits the use of RDF without the dreadful RDF/XML syntax. RDF/XML does not conform to XML Schema or DTD, and hence does not embed into validated XHTML. The XLinks are 'harvested' as RDF Statements following the method of Daniel. RDF/XML is not fit for the purpose of layering RDF over XML in the semantic web architecture; this need can be addressed in part by using XLink as an XML serialization for the RDF graph.
Subject XHTML
I.7.2 Document Preparation. Hypertext/hypermedia
I.7.2 Document Preparation. Markup languages
I.2.4 Knowledge Representations Formalisms and Methods
H.3.7 Digital Libraries. Standards

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