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Anselmo L., Pardini C. BeppoSAX Reentry Campaign - Final Report. In: The document, 2003.
This final report concerning the BeppoSAX reentry campaign presents the main results and conclusions of the flight dynamics and decay prediction activity carried out at ISTI/CNR. The first section introduces and discusses the best post-reentry estimates of the impact time and location, with the associated uncertainties, while the remaining part of the document reviews the solar and geomagnetic activity experienced by the spacecraft in the final months of its orbital lifetime, the complex evolution of its ballistic parameter and the reentry windows progression. As far as the decay uncertainty was dominated by the solar flux forecasts, the reentry predictions did not present particular problems, with a maximum impact time error of less than 20% of the residual lifetime. However, BeppoSAX exhibited a very pronounced semi-periodic modulation of the ballistic parameter, difficult to quantify, in amplitude and period, due to the unavoidable low frequency of the orbit determinations available. This effect, probably ascribable to a tumbling and/or precession motion, with a characteristic period longer than a revolution but shorter than 8-12 hours, was quite significant in the last few days, when the reentry uncertainty was dominated by the ballistic parameter evolution, often resulting, during the final 24 hours, in relatively large errors (> 25%) on the residual lifetime estimation.
Subject BeppoSAX
reentry predictions and windows
impact time and location
70M20 Orbital mechanics

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