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Martinelli M., Salvetti O. Multimedia Maintenance Manual by Web. In: Not public The document other: INDeT project, 2003.
An instantiation of a Multimedia Maintenance Manual (4M) document can be considered as the result of the composition of different contributions coming from different resources. Then, the 4M component can be considered as a distributed resource where the NDT database has a particular relevance. A main aspect is the definition of a Global Description Structure able to describe in a unique way the resources linked to the web portal. In particular the web portal should include a query manager considering both a specific and general knowledge of the 4M sources. The Query Manager should be constituted by sub-units (articulations) able to interact with the specific sources and to send the partial results to the query manager that merges them into a unique final document
Subject XML
Multimedia Manual
H. Information Systems
J. Computer Applications

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