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Bondavalli A., Di Giandomenico F., Grandoni F., Lollini P., Porcarelli S., Mura I. CAUTION IST-2001-38229: Report of model-based validation activities. CAUTION IST-2001-38229 research project. Deliverable D-3.6, 2003.
This document focuses on the analysis of the CAUTION++ system from the dependability and performance point of view. The purpose of the evaluation activity is twofold: i) to support the system/components design process, in order to justifiably trust the identified solutions and to make appropriate choices among several possible alternatives, and ii) to support the decision-making process performed by the RMU and/or the GMU subsystems. Model-based evaluation is pursued. The methodologies defined for dependability and performance measures are developed, together with initial quantitative assessment to validate the CAUTION++ system against the non functional requirements stated in WP2. Modularity and genericity are paramount properties accounted for in setting up such evaluation framework, so as to be flexibly adapted to the specificities of the system during its implementation phase. Extensions and refinements of the dependability and performance analyses will be continued during the second year of the project, as part of the implementation workpackage.
Subject Model-based analysis
Analytic solution
Simulative solution
B.3.3 Performance Analysis and Design Aids

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