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Anselmo L., Pardini C. BeppoSAX Reentry Predictions. Bulletins No. 0-25, Reentry Predictions and Reentry Reports issued for the ASI Contract No. I/408/02/0, Pisa, 14 January - 30 April 2003. Document n. /cnr.isti/2003-B5-10, 2003.
Reentry predictions bulletins for the BeppoSAX astronomical satellite of the Italian Space Agency (ASI). Prepared, on behalf of ASI, for the Temporary Mission Structure (STM), located at the Department of Civil Protection in Rome, set up by the Italian Government to manage the uncontrolled reentry and to inform the governments of the equatorial countries potentially at risk.
URL: http://www.asdc.asi.it/bepposax/reentry/
Subject BeppoSAX satellite
Reentry predictions
Uncontrolled orbital decay
J.2 Physical Sciences and Engineering

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