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Ballatore P. Relationship Among Pc5 Micropulsations, Auroral Activity and Relativistic Electrons: Preliminary Observations. Internal note, 2003.
The Pc5 micropulsation power at Mould Bay, the AE index and the relativistic (energy > 2 MeV) electron count rates from GOES6 geosynchronous satellite have been compared through correlation and coherence methods. The periods considered are the months January and August 1986. Dependencies of results on the magnetic local time at Mould Bay and on the Kp index are shown. The best correlation and average coherence are found between Pc5 power and AE, especially around local magnetic midnight. A quite good correlation between the Pc5 power and the electron rates is observed under the cusp location in August, when the cusp is closer than in January to Mould Bay latitude. In addition, the correlation Pc5 power vs. electron rates sharply maximizes during the geomagnetic quietest periods (Kp 1), both in January and August 1986. Differently, the correlation between AE and the relativistic electron rates is better for 3 < Kp 4.
Subject auroral activity
J.2 Physical Sciences and Engineering

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