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Fantechi A., Gnesi S., Lami G. A Relation-based Approach to Use Case Analysis. In: International Workshop on Requirements Engineering: Foundation for (Velden, Austria, 16-17 June 2003). Proceedings, vol. 8 pp. 81 - 89. Camille Salinesi, Bijorn Regnell, Erik Kamsties (eds.). Essner Informatik Beitrage, 2003.
Use Cases are an effective tool for modeling functional requirements of software systems. A well written Use Case allows to depict a large amount of information regarding the behaviour of the system, as perceived by the actors. Use Cases have the advantage to be expressed using Natural Language expressions that have a fixed structure and this can mitigate some of the usual, NL-inherent, problems of interpretation. In this paper, we present an approach that, starting with the application of NL processing techniques to the Use Case scenarios, derives semantic information on the relations between the actors. This information, largely achievable in an automatic way, can be used to support the dealing with the presence of semantics contradictions analysis of Use Case requirements document and it represents a starting point towards the formal verification of some relevant aspects.
Subject Use Case
Software Requirements Analysis
D.2.1. Requirements/Specification

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