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Fasano A., Callieri M., Cignoni P., Scopigno R. Exploiting Mirrors for Laser Stripe 3D Scanning. In: International Conference on 3D Digital Imaging and Modeling - 3DIM (Banff , Canada, 6-10 October 2003). Proceedings, pp. 243 - 250. IEEE, 2003.
This paper proposes and evaluates the use of a mirror for improving the scanning process when using laser-stripe acquisition devices. We propose to exploit mirrors for two different purposes: automatizing the 3D acquisition process and allowing the scanning of hard-to-reach parts. The combined use of a flat mirror and a rotary table allows to scan, in a completely automatic and unattended manner, small complex objects with an high level of completeness. Moreover we show how the use of a small hand-held mirror can to be effective for scanning parts that are difficult to be reached or scanned because the physical dimension of the scanner device.
URL: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/Xplore/DynWel.jsp
Subject Computer Graphics
I.3.3 Computer Graphics. Picture Image Generation

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