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Basanieri F., Iani P., Lombardi G., Marchetti E. An Industrial Experience in Comparing Manual vs. Automatic Test Cases Generation. In: 4th ACIS International Conference on Software Engineering SNPD 2003 (Lubeck, Germany, 16-18 October 2003). Proceedings, pp. 218 - 225. 2003.
We present our experience in automatically deriving a detailed test case plan exclusively using the UML diagrams developed during the analysis and design phases. We consider in particular the Integration Testing of some new functionalities to be added to an Ericsson Lab Italy (ERI) existing system. In particular we compare the obtained test plan with the 'official' one, which was manually derived in an independent manner by the ERI personnel, highlighting their respective characteristics and weaknesses.
URL: http://www1.isti.cnr.it/ERI/eda_marchetti/popupBIL03.htm
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