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Costabile M., Fogli D., Fresta G., Mussio P., Piccinno A. Computer environments for improving end user accessibility. In: Universal Access. Theoretical Perspectives, Practice, andExperience: 7th ERCIM International Workshop on User Interfaces for All (Paris, 24-25 October 2002). Proceedings, pp. 129 - 140. Carbonelle Noelle, Stephanidis Constantine (eds.). (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 2615). Springer, 2003.
In several computer applications, end-users are experts in a specific domain, not necessarily experts in computer science, who use computer environments to perform their daily tasks. In this paper we present a methodology for designing interactive systems based on the development of multimedia and multimodal environments for supporting the activities of such domain-expert users. We call these environments Software Shaping Workshops: they aim at easing the way people program and interact with computers, thus allowing domain-expert users to develop software applications without the burden of using a traditional programming language, but using high level visual languages tailored to their needs. It is shown how this design methodology is easily applicable through the software tool BANCO.
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H.1.2 User/Machine Systems

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