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Tarabella L. The Object-Oriented pureCMusic Framework. In: Understanding and Creating Music (Caserta, Italy, 1-11 December 2003). Proceedings, vol. 1 P.DiLorenzo, G.DiMaio, M.O.Belardinelli (eds.). SecondaUniversitÓNapoli, FacoltÓ di Matematica, 2003.
The Object-Oriented pureCMusic (OO-pCM) framework gives the possibility to write a piece of music in terms of an algorithmic-composition-based program (also controlled by data streaming from external controllers) and of synthesis algorithms. Everything is written following the C language syntax and compiled into machine code that runs at CPU speed. The framework provides a number of functions for sound processing, for generating complex events and for managing external data coming from standard Midi controllers and/or other special gesture interfaces.
Subject Real-time sound processing
Music events management
H.5.5 Sound and Music Computing. Signal analysis, synthesis, and

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