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Tarabella L. The pCM framework for realtime sound and music generation. In: XIV Colloquium on Musical Informatics (XIV CIM 2003) (Florence, Italy, 8-9-10 May 2003). Proceedings, pp. 145 - 149. N.Bernardini, F.Giomi, N.Giosmin (eds.). Tempo Reale, AIMI Associazione Italiana di Musica Informatica, 2003.
This programming framework gives the possibility to write a piece of music in terms of synthesis algorithms, score and management of data streaming from external interfaces. The pCM framework falls into the category of the 'embedded music language' and has been implemented under the Metrowerks' Code Warrior C-compiler. I started to write a very basic library of functions for sound processing and for driving the gesture interfaces realized at cART project of CNR, Pisa. In the long run the library became a very efficient, stable and powerful framework based on pure C programming, that is 'pure-C-Music', or pCM.
Subject Music language
Digital sound synthesis
H.5.5 Sound and Music Computing. Signal analysis, synthesis, and

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