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Giannotti F., Manco G., Wijsen J. Logical Languages for Data Mining. Jan Chomicki, Ron van der Meyden and Gunter Saake (eds.). Germany: Springer, 2003.
Data mining focuses on the development of methods and algorithms for such various tasks as classification, clustering, rule induction, and discovery of associations. In the database fields, the view of data mining as advanced querying has recently stimulated much research into the development of data mining query languages. In the fields of machine learning, inductive logic programming has broadenes its scope towards extending standard data mining tasks from the usual attribute-value setting to a multi-relational setting. After a concise description of data mining, the contribution of logic to both fields is discussed. At the end, we indicate the potential use of logic for unifying different existsing data mining formalisms.
Subject Data mining
H. Information Systems

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