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Bertolino A., Marchetti E., Polini A. Integration of components to test software components. In: Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer, vol. 82 (6) pp. 44 - 54. Elsevier, 2003.
We present an ongoing research project aimed at developing a framework for component-based testing, in which we re-use and suitably combine some existing tools: the system architecture and the components are specified by the UML, and specifically the recently proposed UML Components methodology; the test cases are derived by applying the Cow Suite, an environment for UML-based testing, previously conceived for the integration testing of OO systems; and the tests are codified and executed within the CDT, a framework under development, allowing for the decoupling between the abstract specification of tests, which is made against an architectural model, and their concrete execution, which needs to take into account the component implementations.
URL: http://www.iei.pi.cnr.it/~antonia/popupBMP03a.htm
Subject Component-based testing
Software Engineering
D.2.5 Testing and Debugging

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