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Arrighi R., Bonuccelli M., Lonetti F., Martelli F. Integrating GSM networks and Internet: new unstructured services. In: Ercim News, vol. 54 pp. 27 - 28. Special theme: Applications and service platforms for the mobile user. Ercim, 2003.
Three communication networks, namely the emerging 'mobile' wireless, the classical 'fixed' wireline, and the alternative 'computer-centric' internet, are evolving in a relatively independent way. However, their interactions increase day by day. It is of paramount importance to investigate how these three systems could be integrated in order to form a common communication space, in which the users of any one of the networks can easily and 'transparently' access the other two. The main purpose of a project currently under way at PisaTel is to investigate the feasibility of such an integration. The work is being carried out within the java JAIN MAP API international project.
URL: http://www.ercim.org/publication/Ercim_News/enw54/arrighi.html
Subject Internetworking
Network application
H.4.3 Communications Applications
C.2.6 Internetworking
C.2.1 Network Architecture and Design

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