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Basanieri F., Bertolino A., Marchetti E., Mirandola R. UML-based Performance Analysis Techniques Applied to Software Multiprojects Management. In: International Journal of Computer & Information Sciences, vol. 4 (1) pp. 1 - 13. The International Association for Computer & Information Science, 2003.
Performance engineering techniques have been traditionally applied to computer devices and networks and more recently also to software systems. In this paper we propose to use them in an unusual context, i.e., in multiproject software development environment to support manager's decisions. The basic idea is that project teams correspond to the processing elements of a performance model, and project intermediate phases to the tasks to be performed within established time intervals. The workflows and organization structures are modelled by annotated UML diagrams, so that managers do not need be expert in performance engineering modelling notations. In fact, a tool transforms such diagrams into queueing network models, solving which the predicted completion times for the modelled processes can automatically be obtained. As we use performance analysis techniques, our method can naturally take into account people multitasking on several contemporaneous projects, as well as delays and inefficiencies due to meetings, communications, and personnel overutilization. An example is used to illustrate the approach.
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Subject Queueing Networks
Project Management
Software Performance
Engineering, UML
D.2.9 Software Engineering Management
D.4.8 Operating Systems Performance

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