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Calvary G., Coutaz J., Thevenin D., Bouillon L., Florins M., Limbourg Q., Marucci L., Paterṇ F., Santoro C., Souchon N., Vanderdonckt J. The CAMELEON Glossary Deliverable 1.1 Companion. CAMELEON European Project, August 2002. Internal note ISTI-B4-28, 2002.
The CAMELEON Glossary gathers definitions for the vocabulary used within the CAMELEON project. The purpose of this glossary is to serve as a companion for reading documents produced by the consortium. It also seeks to provide the project with a reference vocabulary for discussing issues addressed in the project. This document also contains the list of mathematical definitions of concepts that are relevant and a list of used mathematical symbols.
Subject Glossary
Cameleon project

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