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Biagioni S., Castelli D. Una infrastruttura di biblioteca digitale di supporto alla divulgazione scientifica. In: Open Archives e nuovi scenari dell'editoria scientifica e didattica online (Bologna, 7 novembre 2002).
We present the SCHOLNET Infrastructure for Digital Library. SCHOLNET aims at developing an enhanced digital library testbed to support net-worked scholarly communities. In addition to traditional services, support will be provided for non-textual data, hypermedia annotation, crosslanguage retrieval, and personalized information dissemination. The testbed will enable members of a net- worked community to learn from, contribute to, and collectively build on the community's discipline-oriented digital collections. The project will extended ETRDL, an existing European digital library for grey literature implemented on an open architecture, with new services. These services have been developed as separate modules, based on existing technologies and software components. The project produced an enhanced digital library infrastructure giving access to and proving advanced services on multimedia material produced in European computer science institutions.
URL: http://amsacta.unibo.it/view/conferences/Open_Archives_e_nuovi_scenari_dell=27editoria_scientifica_e_didattica_online.html
Subject Digital libraries
H.3.7 Digital Libraries

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