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Orlando S., Palmerini P., Perego R., Silvestri F. Adaptive and resource-aware mining of frequent sets. In: ICDM'02 - IEEE International Conference on Data Mining - (Maebashi City, Japan, 9-12 December 2002). Proceedings, pp. 338 - 345. IEEE, 2002.
The performance of an algorithm that mines frequent sets from transactional databases may severely depend on the specific features of the data being analyzed. Moreover, some architectural characteristics of the computational platform used - e.g. the available main memory - can drammatically change its runtime behavior. In this paper we present DCI (Direct Count & Intersect), an efficient algorithm for discovering frequent sets from large databases. Due to the multiple heuristics strategies adopted, DCI can adapt its behavior not only to the features of the specific computing platform, but also to the features of the dataset being mined, so that it results very effective in mining both short and long patterns from sparse and dense datasets. Finally we also discuss the parallelization strategies adopted in the design of ParDCI, a distributed and multi-threaded implementation of DCI.

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