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Bolla R., Celandroni N., Davoli F., Ferro E., Marchese M. Bandwidth allocation in a multiservice satellite network based on long-term weather forecast scenarios. In: Computer Communications, vol. 25 pp. 1037 - 1046. 2002.
The paper compares two alternative hierarchical bandwidth allocation and admission control schemes suited for the multiservice Ka-band satellite environment, where the attenuation of the transmitted signals due to bad weather conditions has a heavy impact on the system's performance. The two schemes are compared by using data derived from a real case study. The aim is to demonstrate that a high level control mechanism for the assignment of the satellite bandwidth to earth stations, which takes into consideration the rain attenuation probabilities of a certain geographical area, improves the system's performance, with respect to an assignment mechanism insensitive to the geographical fade probabilities
Subject Satellite communications
Bandwidth control
C.2 Computer-Communication Networks

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