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Bertolino A., Marchetti E., Mirandola R., Lombardi G., Peciola E. Experience of applying statistical control techniques to the function test phase of a large telecommunications system. In: IEE Proceedings - Software, vol. 149 (4) pp. 93 - 101. IEE, 2002.
The software test process of a large teleconnnunications system is presented. The feasibility of introducing statistical process control techniques to one crucial software test phase, natnely the function test is explored. This phase has been identified as a strategic one for meeting the commitments to customers with respcct to quality objectives. Analysis of past released products revealed that a higli percentage of the failures exprienced in operation corresponded to software faults that could have been discovered during the function test phase. A brief description of the statistical estimators investigated (Classical vs. Bayesian) is provided. along with a few examples of their usc over rcul sets of data. Far from bcing aimed at identifying new statistica1 models, the focus of this work is rather about putting measurement in practice: easy and effettive steps to iinprove the status of control over the test proccss in a smooth, bottom-up approach arc suggested.
Subject Software test process
Statistical process control techniques
D.2.5 Testing and Debugging

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