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Barcaro U., Calabrese R., Cavallero C., Diciotti R., Navona C. Significance of automatically detected word recurrences in dream associations in dreaming. In: Dreaming, vol. 12 (2) pp. 93 - 107. Association for the Study of Dreams, 2002.
Verbal data files including dream reports and associations with the report items were subjected to automatic analysis aiming at the recognition of word recurrences. The research was based on the following assumptions: the associations can provide information about the dream sources; the recognition of word recurrences in text files can be a useful tool for the study of dreaming; the identification of links between different dream sources can provide an interesting insight into the phenomenon of dreaming. The principal result obtained was that word recurrences often evidence possible significant links between dream sources. A number of the possible links evidenced by the automatic analysis not only escaped the subject's notice, but might also be unexpected for an analyzer not assisted by a computer.
Subject Dreaming
Dream sources
Text analysis
Word recurrences
J.3 Life and medical sciences

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