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Bozzano R., Sparnocchia S., Picco P., Cappelletti A., Schiano M. E., Cappa C. Mediterranean warming: analysis of sea temperature time series from the buoy odas italia 1. Rapport de la Commission Internationale pour la Mer Méditerranée. Project report 37, 2004.
Starting from July 2002, hourly measurements of meteorological parameters and sea temperature in the layer between the surface and a depth of 35 m are recorded from the buoy ODAS Italia1 in the Ligurian Sea. In this work we discuss the temporal evolution of the upper ocean thermal structure in relationship with the atmospheric forcings and the dynamic variability of the basin. Particular attention is also devoted to the investigation of the anomalous warming of the sea surface during summer 2003.
Subject Air-sea exchanges
Offshore buoy
Ocean surface variability

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